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Samsung’s New NFC-Enabled Printers

copier nycThis week Samsung will release it’s two newest laser printers in the U.S. market, the NFC-enabled Xpress C4x0 series. NFC or Near Field Communication is a technology that uses radio waves to establish communication between two devices by touching each other or bringing them into close together, usually a couple of inches. This can be used to transfer information, complete transactions or set up WiFi connections. These printers will give users the capability to print from their mobile devices with just a tap to the printer.

Printer settings and preferences can be controlled through the Samsung Mobile Print App. This App allows printing of mostly everything from PDF files to Microsoft Office documents from your smartphone. The app is available for Android, IOS and Windows devices. However, If you don’t have a NFC-enabled device or have not installed the Samsung Mobile Print App these printers can still be used through Google Cloud Print support. This can allow you to print over the web when connected anywhere with any smart device, including tablets and laptops. The multifunction model can also make scanning and faxing documents easy by syncing contacts from your smartphone.

The C410W, starting at $229, is a basic color printer while the multifunction printer C460FW with scanning and faxing capabilities is priced at $399. Both are designed for home or small office use, while Samsung plans to release a MFP model aimed at businesses early next year.

Incorporating Green Printing Software on a Budget


Incorporating Green Printing software on a budget.

Green printing software can be extremely helpful in optimizing your output levels. By reformatting content to eliminate extra pages and unnecessary images or advertising it can reduce paper and toner usage. While these can benefit companies trying to reduce their carbon footprint, it can also help keep cost down as well. There are a variety of programs available for varying cost depending on their features. Some more advanced software allows you to measure print volumes, identify cost saving opportunities and create improved print management. For smaller businesses on an already tight budget looking into some free options first may be a good idea.

Downloadable add-ons.

There are free add-ons available when looking into software downloads to help reduce wasted output. The Lexmark Toolbar 3 gives you print text only option to eliminate all images. It also offers an option to edit and resize images directly from the website using Picnik. The HP Smart Web Printing available for Internet Explorer allows users to take content from the web and put it on a clipboard for organization and well-formatted printing. It’s great for gathering content from multiple pages and condensing it into a single document. It can also create a PDF from the copied material. If you’re a Fire-Fox user, Nuke Anything is available for download. With this users can simply highlight a section of a webpage, right click and select remove this object. Then your selected objects are gone and you’re ready to print.

Free Trials.

Greenprint, highly recommended by the TreeHugger website, digitally reads and omits wasted pages that have useless text and images, such as urls, banner ads, disclaimers, and extra signature lines on emails. It is available for free use by non-profits and individuals. The premium version can be purchased for $29. Fine Print offers multiple ways to quickly and easily format printing, such as deleting unwanted pages or printing several pages on one sheet. All the features are available on the free trial and it has no time limit. It can also be purchased for $49.95. When using the free versions of these program a banner will be printed on all the jobs using them. To eliminate this you can purchase the full versions.

Tips on Converting to a Paperless Office

PaperlessOfficeGrowing concern for our environment has pushed many businesses to convert over to paperless offices. It’s also helpful with keeping overhead costs down and saving on the space needed to store paper files. If your business is looking to switch over, here are a couple of tips to help you get started.

Switch to online bill payment and paperless statements.

Not only will you save on the money needed for stamps, it can also save time and help your business run more smoothly. It easier to track payments, you can set up payments in advance, and even schedule regular monthly expenses such as rent and utilities. Some banks give incentives for customers that go paperless. Statements can easily be viewed online or downloaded to your computer.

Create a standard system for naming files.

When looking for files you want to make the process as easy as possible. You can end up wasting a lot of time looking for files because of inconsistent naming or mislabeling. You should come up with standard practices for naming files and stick to it. Keep it short and descriptive, also including dates for documents that may be re-occurring such as meeting notes is a good idea.

Use a scanner that has a optical character recognition (OCR).

Without OCR, your scanner is making what experts call “dead graphics.” If you want to use a program that uses keywords within documents to perform searches they will not work. The documents will be treated as images only and will not register the words. The more documents you have the harder it will be to find documents by the file name only. It could be a real time saver to be able to search by keywords, also in case something is mislabeled it can still be found.

Look into mobile document management technologies.

Chaining files to your office computers and network could hinder productivity. Cloud based technologies make it faster and more convenient for to access files from any location. They also make it easier to be shared and worked on by multiple people. It’s especially helpful for those that often do business on the go, have multiple locations or employ remote workers.

Perform regular cleanup and get rid of old or unnecessary files.

It can be very tempting to save everything because you are no longer worried about space restrictions. However, you do still need to consider the amount of digital storage space you are taking up. In addition, just like with paper files the more you have to go through the longer it will take to find what you are looking for. Even when performing searches it could take longer for your computer to scan for and find your keywords if it has to go through a couple thousand files.

What’s the difference between Inkjets, laser, or digital printers/copiers?


What’s the difference between Inkjets, laser, or digital printers/copiers?


The way Inkjets work is pretty self explanatory, they propel liquid ink onto paper to recreate your documents. They can be black and white only or include color. Usually ,they are a popular option for home and consumer use due to the wide availability of small inexpensive models. However, for a business they are usually not recommended. Although the machines and replacement cartridges for ink are less expensive than laser printing, they can end up costing your business more money in the long run. Because the inkjet cartridges have a very low output rate the cost per page is pretty high, 20 to 32 cents for color, and about 9 for black and white. In addition inkjet cartridges can dry out if not used. This leads to repair of the ink head and replacement of a cartridge. You may also lose out on productivity because the inkjets work very slowly.


Laser printers work through an electrostatic digital printing process that can produce high quality documents very quickly. Laser printers and copiers are the most popular choice for businesses. They produce higher quality documents than inkjets and the cost per copy is much lower. Because the toner cartridges have a much longer life and produce more output than ink the average cost of color pages is 6-9, while black and white can be 1 cent or less each. You also do not have to worry about the toner drying out like ink will. They are usually more expensive than inkjets but should be well worth the initial investment.


A large amount of laser copiers used in business today are also called digital copiers. Digital copiers include an internal scanner or fax, enabling you to scan, store or send documents using your copy machine. These machines have the advantage of performing the work of multiple devices saving businesses time and money. They can also be of great assistance in an office that want to transition to a paperless filing system. Digital filing systems are becoming more common because of environmental considerations and speedier, more efficient file retrieval. Items can be found with a simple keyword search and there are many different tools available to streamline the process.

Office Printing from Your iPad or iPhone

office printing from ipad

Ipad Mobile Printing Apps.

Ipads are becoming an indispensable tool in the business. You can print from an ipad fairly easily using it pre-installed printing app but may be limited in your options or printers that you can connect to. Some manufacturers are providing their own apps free of cost to help streamline the process of printing from ipads and iphones. Here’s just a little information of some of the more well-known brands.


The Canon application is for laser printers or multi-funciton laser printers. It can be used to print photographs, web pages, images and PDF files from an iPhone or Ipad. You get lots of printing options with this app, including paper size, color mode, 2-sided printing, and more. It allows you to print pictures directly from camera. It’s supported by a handful of printers including the ImageRUNNER ADVANCE series, Color imageRUNNER series, imageRUNNER series and several more.


There are a number of Inkjet and laser devices that should work with the Lexmark Mobil Printing App. printer or multifunction machines that are compatible with the Lexmark Mobile Printing app. For a complete list visit http://lexmark.com/mobile. It allows you to connect to a device on your network. Find printers through a search, QR Code or manually entering the IP address, hostname or URL. You do get some options for printing including the number of copies and setting up 2-sided printing. Can only print PDF documents, and image formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG and TIFF.


The Brother iPrint and Scan app give you options for printing and scanning. It uses the iTunes File Sharing to store documents that you need access to print, copy or send. It prints files up to 10MB or 20 pages. You can print scanned images, photos, Microsoft Office Files, and copies images or text using clipboard print. More information regarding the Brother app can be found at


The HP printing app should work with all EPrint enabled printers as well as over 200 networkable legacy printer models. It can print Office documents, web pages, email attachments, photos, PDFs and text files. Photos can be cropped and resized before printing. You can also control print job settings, monitor printer and print job status. Public printing locations are available at FedEx Office, UPS Store locations, Wal-Mart (photo printing only), Swiss Post stores, Hilton hotels, Airport Kiosks and VIP lounges and other print locations powered by Printer ON. You also get guidance on choosing the best printer or location to handle your job base on history, job type, and more.

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