Incorporating Green Printing software on a budget.

Green printing software can be extremely helpful in optimizing your output levels. By reformatting content to eliminate extra pages and unnecessary images or advertising it can reduce paper and toner usage. While these can benefit companies trying to reduce their carbon footprint, it can also help keep cost down as well. There are a variety of programs available for varying cost depending on their features. Some more advanced software allows you to measure print volumes, identify cost saving opportunities and create improved print management. For smaller businesses on an already tight budget looking into some free options first may be a good idea.

Downloadable add-ons.

There are free add-ons available when looking into software downloads to help reduce wasted output. The Lexmark Toolbar 3 gives you print text only option to eliminate all images. It also offers an option to edit and resize images directly from the website using Picnik. The HP Smart Web Printing available for Internet Explorer allows users to take content from the web and put it on a clipboard for organization and well-formatted printing. It’s great for gathering content from multiple pages and condensing it into a single document. It can also create a PDF from the copied material. If you’re a Fire-Fox user, Nuke Anything is available for download. With this users can simply highlight a section of a webpage, right click and select remove this object. Then your selected objects are gone and you’re ready to print.

Free Trials.

Greenprint, highly recommended by the TreeHugger website, digitally reads and omits wasted pages that have useless text and images, such as urls, banner ads, disclaimers, and extra signature lines on emails. It is available for free use by non-profits and individuals. The premium version can be purchased for $29. Fine Print offers multiple ways to quickly and easily format printing, such as deleting unwanted pages or printing several pages on one sheet. All the features are available on the free trial and it has no time limit. It can also be purchased for $49.95. When using the free versions of these program a banner will be printed on all the jobs using them. To eliminate this you can purchase the full versions.