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30 Years of Experience

Legend Business Group, Inc., established in 1993, is a certified woman owned office technology company. Legend’s products and services include Canon Copiers & Printers, VOIP Systems, Alarm.com security systems, Cisco Systems networks, as well as premise cabling, door access as well as CCTV and surveillance. Our main office is located on Staten Island, NY and we have warehouses in both New York and New Jersey.

All of our field engineers are Legend certified technicians, factory trained on ensuring quality installations and repairs every time. They are Microsoft MCP, MCSA & MCSE as well as A+ Certified and Cisco Systems trained. Our phone technicians are also factory trained and Legend certified. We are a Canon authorized sales and service dealership.


Always Striving to Give You More

At Legend, we continue our commitment to excellence and our dedication to anticipating and meeting the needs of our customers. This on-going mission combined with our partners (Canon, Cisco, Yealink, Microsoft, Salient, etc) enables us to become your go-to provider of reliable office solutions for lawyers, accountants, real estate brokers, engineers, fashion designers, and non-profits throughout the Greater New York/New Jersey area.

We're not only known for providing excellent equipment and service, but we're also known for our support of small, local, non-profit organizations. Over the years we've delivered hundreds of copiers or pro bono services to these deserving organizations. We've charted a course into the 21st century for our customers with honesty, integrity and pride. Let us do the same for you!


Meet The Owners

We work hard to be friendly and amiable. We are able to make a living because companies in the Greater New York area trust us to help them with their office documents needs. Being kind and helpful to them is important to us.




Vice President

By squeezing waste and inefficiencies out of hidden printing and copying costs, we can help you see up to a 30% reduction in operating expenses at your firm.

We'll help you:

  • Replace older, power hogging printers/copiers with more efficient energy star rated ones;
  • Right-size the number of printers/copiers you use for peak performance during critical periods;
  • Gain greater control of the number of color or black & white prints per user;
  • Increase the predictability and visibility of your expenses;
  • While giving you a single supplier to deal with.


Some Of Our Clients

With more than two decades under our belts we've been able to build up a client list that spans the gamut from large to small and from for-profit to non-profits. We'd love the opportunity to add you to our list.


What People Say

"Buying a pre-owned copier saved my organization a ton money and allowed us to purchase a better model than we were planning, and afforded the ability to purchase additional features such as multiple paper trays, stands and sorters. Buying a pre-owned model outright eliminated the  number of copy restrictions of a lease and provided peace of mind of printing without worrying about copy runs. SICM has purchased several Legend, “pre-owned” copiers/printers over the years for our offices, and each has had low copy numbers, delivered and installed neatly and cleanly and came with a warranty."


Staten Island Children's Museum


What People Say

"I was tired of the lease cycle – 60 months at $500 per month and at 36 month machine starts to constantly fail so the sales rep tells me I need to buy out I the existing lease and upgrade.  Now I’m paying $650 since had to roll in the remaining 24 months on the old lease. With Legend I only needed to get a 36-month lease. I’m only paying $170 per month and can upgrade in 36 months. Additionally, the last machine from Legend lasted 9 years and still works.  My previous provider couldn’t even get 3 years. You are crazy not to go with Legend, they are a game changer in the office equipment business."


PT Consultants Inc.


What People Say

"This is exactly what we are looking for. Our philosophy is recycle, reuse, reduce."


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The Legend Business Group Family of Companies

Legend Datacom

We offer unique advantages for copper, fiber, and wireless information technology systems integration.

Legend Global Communications

We offer pay per device plans, shared usage plans, or hosted PBX and VoIP services.

Legend Security

We offer interactive security, 24/7 monitoring services, energy management, and video monitoring.

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Legend Business Group

3917 Amboy Road

Staten Island, NY 10308

Ph. (718) 967-6900

We are committed to your total satisfaction and are happy to help you with a new or a used copier purchase. Over the last two decades we've helped hundreds of businesses in the New York/New Jersey area meet their office technology needs.

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