There are lines on my copies when using the document feeder, but not when I print.  What can I do?

This issue is usually indicative of something being on the slit glass (white out is a common culprit).  Cleaning the glass should solve this, and is a good practice to do on a regular basis as well.

My copier has a message about the Waste Toner Cartridge being nearly full.  What should I do?

If you do not have an extra Waste Toner Cartridge on hand, call us immediately for a replacement.  When the waste toner is completely full the copier will shut down and be unusable until an empty cartridge is installed.

Both my prints and copies have lines on them.  Do I need a service call?

Yes, when the lines are showing up on prints as well as copies we recommend a service call to see what the issue is.  It is likely a drum is in need of replacement and a service call will allow us to verify that and see if any other parts are nearing end of life.