The Legend Leasing Advantage

Low upfront costs: Leasing from Legend not only allows you to get the printers and copiers you need but it also gives you low upfront costs and it helps preserve your credit.

No fuss, no muss, no hassle: Leasing from us is convenient because we can wrap a maintenance plan into your lease so you'll avoid the headache of needing IT staff in your office.

Our friendly reps are standing by to take your call (718) 967-6900

Equipment Purchasing & Leasing

Leasing your office equipment with Legend is easy and efficient. It's a great alternative to an outright purchase. We offer various length leases that'll fit your needs. Legend uses Captiva, LEAF, and Canon credit for our leasing. Each leasing company has different rates and services, but don't worry, we'll guide you to the best choice for your situation.

Fast & Flexible Equipment Rentals**

If you're new in business or you've got a short spike in your workload and you're not sure what your copier needs are yet, we can help you figure it out.

**Delivery fees and security deposits apply.

Three Reasons to Choose Legend

  1. Guaranteed Reliability: After more than 2 decades serving hundreds of businesses across the New York/New Jersey area we've become a trusted partner you can count on when you need us.
  2. No Up Charges: Many dealers have rates that start super low but then creep up over time. Some add as much as 5%-7% per year. We don't. Where you start is where you stay. The more copies you make the less you pay.
  3. Friendly, Knowledgeable Reps: We work hard to be nice. It may seem old fashion but we're able to make a living in New York because companies big and small trust us to help them make sense of multiple document needs.

Contact Us

Legend Business Group

3917 Amboy Road

Staten Island, NY 10308

Ph. (718) 967-6900

We are committed to your total satisfaction and are happy to help you with a new or a used copier purchase. Over the last two decades we've helped hundreds of businesses in the New York/New Jersey area meet their office technology needs.

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