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Six Super Tips To Help Your Copier Last Longer!

copier company new yorkCopy machines are the workhorses of the workplace. While high volume, stand-alone, “traditional” copy machines last longer then your desktop variety, their lifespans depend heavily on their make, model and workload. Regardless, when you buy a copier – you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth! Today, we’ll provide you with six simple things you can do to help increase the lifespan of your copy machine no matter what. Let’s dive right in!

Choose a smart location for the printer.

Try and keep your copier away from places where there are drastic temperature changes such as heaters, air conditioners, doors and windows where the machine may be exposed to sunlight. Also try and be mindful to keep them away from high traffic areas of the office. Frequent foot traffic tends to keep up dust and other particles that can get into the machine and adversely affect its performance.

Replace toner & ink immediately.

Even if the copies look good you should still change your toner and ink as soon as the light comes on. If you don’t, the developer can start wearing out quickly and can wreck the drum. As soon as you see the lights, make the change!

Mind your paper.

Especially if you’re in a humid/dusty office space, it can prevent your copier from working at optimum levels. As such, be sure to keep your paper stored until you need to use it. That way, you’re preventing moisture from getting into the inside of the machine.

Fix jams immediately.

Paper jams are a pain, but be sure to fix them as quickly as possible. Leaving it there overnight or for other extended periods of time can cause moisture and dust to accumulate in your machine and effect it’s performance. Once you DO remove the paper, be sure you have a can of compressed air handy. That way, you can blow out tiny bits and particles from the copier and prevent them from getting stuck inside.

Monday morning stretches.

After a weekend of not being used at all, it’s always a good idea to go through a quick, easy Monday maintenance program. First, remove the old paper from the trey and replace it with dry, fresh paper instead. Don’t worry about wasting the old paper. You can use that in a laser printer where the moisture won’t adversely affect the unit. Once you’ve done that, give a quick look through to make sure there aren’t any paper jams and let the printer go through its Monday morning warm up. This exercise can take literally 2-3 minutes to do start to finish and can result in huge cost savings over the long haul.

Leave the lid down – always!

Opening the lid of the copier is bad news because it significantly reduces the lifespan of the drum – which can be expensive to replace. That’s not even getting into the poor copy quality; damage the light can do to the eyes, etc. Keeping the lid down also reduces the possibility of foreign objects scratching the glass or getting into the machine.

Some other common sense rules should apply, too. Don’t eat or drink next to the copier, be sure to keep up with your preventative maintenance schedule and of course – use the right supplies. If you stick with these tips, you’ll greatly extend the life of your copier and most importantly – will save a lot of money by avoiding bigger problems.


Xerox Software Patch


Xerox releases software patches to solve scanning glitch

Last week Xerox began releasing patches that should resolve a potentially hazardous glitch for users of several Xerox machines. The glitch caused by the scanning features compression software was altering documents by changing some characters in text. According to Xerox the glitch only affected what they call “stress documents”, those that the have small type or other problems that make them hard to read. It was first believed that the problem could be solved by restoring factory settings for the quality and resolution. This was recommended to eliminate the character substitution that occurs when scanning documents with text. However, testing results showed that due to a software bug this would not completely eliminate the character substitution. Last week they released the first wave of patches for the following machines, Xerox ConnectKey family, WorkCentre 75xx, WorkCentre 57xx and ColorQube 93xx.
The patches can be downloaded from the Xerox website by visiting They expect the next wave of patches to be released this week. Below is a full list of the machines impacted by the glitch. Be sure to check if you own one of the impacted models and check the Xerox website for the availability of the correcting software patch.

ColorQube: 87XX, 89XX, 92XX, 93XX
WorkCentre: 5030, 5050, 51XX, 56XX, 57XX, 58XX, 6400, 7220, 7225, 75XX, 76XX, 77XX, 78XX
WorkCentrePro: 2XX
BookMark: 40, 55

How to Get Rid of an Old Copy Machine

how to get rid of an old copier

Eventually your office equipment including printers and copiers will either breakdown or need to be upgraded. There are many options for finding a replacement and many dealers will help you along with the process of choosing the best products for your needs. However, the decision of what to do with the old equipment is usually not given much attention. With current environmental concerns, you should consider options that can keep them from ending up in landfills. Here are a couple of options and their benefits.

Schools, nonprofits, and low-income communities will accept used equipment that is in working conditions. Donations can really help out these organizations with limited budgets. It’s also possible to boost your public image and you will likely quality for a tax deduction. Make sure to get a donation receipt and you should be able to deduct the un-depreciated value of the donated equipment. The following places are a great source for finding places to donate your old machine:, TechSoup, Cristina Foundation.

Manufacturer take-back programs
It’s possible that your copy machine’s manufacturer has a take-back program in place. With a little research on the web, including Plug-In to eCycling Partners and myGreenElectronics, you can find out if your manufacturer has a collection or recycling program. Then contact them to find out if they’ll accept your machine for reuse or recycling.

E-waste Recycling programs
There are several organizations that can find a recycler to accept your old copy machine. Be sure to do your homework and make sure they’re a reputable company. Look for companies that have a signed the Electronic Recycler’s Pledge of True Stewardship, which includes strict criteria for sustainable and socially just electronics recycling. You can use the following sites to find recycling companies in your area: Basel Action Network, E-cycling Central, Earth 911’s, EPR2 Project.

Find a Licensed Disposal Facility
There are government licensed electronics disposal facilities for copy machines, printers, and fax machines. They dispose of them in environmentally safe ways that meet legal obligations for your company and achieve the maximum environmental benefit of disposal. They break down machines so the composite materials can be recycled and entered back into the manufacturing process. This easily ensures preservation of natural resources and reduces waste in landfills.

Samsung’s New NFC-Enabled Printers

copier nycThis week Samsung will release it’s two newest laser printers in the U.S. market, the NFC-enabled Xpress C4x0 series. NFC or Near Field Communication is a technology that uses radio waves to establish communication between two devices by touching each other or bringing them into close together, usually a couple of inches. This can be used to transfer information, complete transactions or set up WiFi connections. These printers will give users the capability to print from their mobile devices with just a tap to the printer.

Printer settings and preferences can be controlled through the Samsung Mobile Print App. This App allows printing of mostly everything from PDF files to Microsoft Office documents from your smartphone. The app is available for Android, IOS and Windows devices. However, If you don’t have a NFC-enabled device or have not installed the Samsung Mobile Print App these printers can still be used through Google Cloud Print support. This can allow you to print over the web when connected anywhere with any smart device, including tablets and laptops. The multifunction model can also make scanning and faxing documents easy by syncing contacts from your smartphone.

The C410W, starting at $229, is a basic color printer while the multifunction printer C460FW with scanning and faxing capabilities is priced at $399. Both are designed for home or small office use, while Samsung plans to release a MFP model aimed at businesses early next year.

How Safe Is the Data On Your Copier?

is_your_data_safeSome small business owners might be surprised to learn that they pose a serious threat to their data security when disposing of old copiers. Almost all copiers made since 2002 include a hard drive which saves a copy of documents that are scanned, copied or emailed on the machine. So when you returned a leased machine, resell your machine or dispose of it you could potentially be giving out copies of your confidential company records and exposing your customers private information. However, there are ways to prevent anybody from retrieving sensitive data from your old copiers hard drive.

Security software.

If you use your machine to store files or want to have access to old print jobs you can find software that will erase or overwrite all the data on the hard drive when you are done with the machine. There are also security kits available for purchase that can be installed into a new copier that will delete or overwrite the data several times after each function performed on your machine. Be sure to discuss your options with your dealer before making a purchase or signing a lease. Make sure to get certified software and that it provides detailed reporting of the erasure process.

Destroy the hard drive.

If you own your copier or your lease agreement stipulates that you can retain the hard drive at the end of your contract you may want to destroy the hard drive. There are a number of ways to destroy the hard drive. A do-it-yourself method is to drill a hole through the hard drive. There are also a number of other ways, including disintegration, incinerating, pulverization, shredding, melting, sanding, or chemical treatment. Be sure to find an approved facility where it can be done by trained and authorized personnel. While this does not actually erase or destroy the data it makes the drive completely inoperable preventing data recovery.

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