office printing from ipad

Ipad Mobile Printing Apps.

Ipads are becoming an indispensable tool in the business. You can print from an ipad fairly easily using it pre-installed printing app but may be limited in your options or printers that you can connect to. Some manufacturers are providing their own apps free of cost to help streamline the process of printing from ipads and iphones. Here’s just a little information of some of the more well-known brands.


The Canon application is for laser printers or multi-funciton laser printers. It can be used to print photographs, web pages, images and PDF files from an iPhone or Ipad. You get lots of printing options with this app, including paper size, color mode, 2-sided printing, and more. It allows you to print pictures directly from camera. It’s supported by a handful of printers including the ImageRUNNER ADVANCE series, Color imageRUNNER series, imageRUNNER series and several more.


There are a number of Inkjet and laser devices that should work with the Lexmark Mobil Printing App. printer or multifunction machines that are compatible with the Lexmark Mobile Printing app. For a complete list visit It allows you to connect to a device on your network. Find printers through a search, QR Code or manually entering the IP address, hostname or URL. You do get some options for printing including the number of copies and setting up 2-sided printing. Can only print PDF documents, and image formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG and TIFF.


The Brother iPrint and Scan app give you options for printing and scanning. It uses the iTunes File Sharing to store documents that you need access to print, copy or send. It prints files up to 10MB or 20 pages. You can print scanned images, photos, Microsoft Office Files, and copies images or text using clipboard print. More information regarding the Brother app can be found at


The HP printing app should work with all EPrint enabled printers as well as over 200 networkable legacy printer models. It can print Office documents, web pages, email attachments, photos, PDFs and text files. Photos can be cropped and resized before printing. You can also control print job settings, monitor printer and print job status. Public printing locations are available at FedEx Office, UPS Store locations, Wal-Mart (photo printing only), Swiss Post stores, Hilton hotels, Airport Kiosks and VIP lounges and other print locations powered by Printer ON. You also get guidance on choosing the best printer or location to handle your job base on history, job type, and more.