What’s the difference between Inkjets, laser, or digital printers/copiers?


The way Inkjets work is pretty self explanatory, they propel liquid ink onto paper to recreate your documents. They can be black and white only or include color. Usually ,they are a popular option for home and consumer use due to the wide availability of small inexpensive models. However, for a business they are usually not recommended. Although the machines and replacement cartridges for ink are less expensive than laser printing, they can end up costing your business more money in the long run. Because the inkjet cartridges have a very low output rate the cost per page is pretty high, 20 to 32 cents for color, and about 9 for black and white. In addition inkjet cartridges can dry out if not used. This leads to repair of the ink head and replacement of a cartridge. You may also lose out on productivity because the inkjets work very slowly.


Laser printers work through an electrostatic digital printing process that can produce high quality documents very quickly. Laser printers and copiers are the most popular choice for businesses. They produce higher quality documents than inkjets and the cost per copy is much lower. Because the toner cartridges have a much longer life and produce more output than ink the average cost of color pages is 6-9, while black and white can be 1 cent or less each. You also do not have to worry about the toner drying out like ink will. They are usually more expensive than inkjets but should be well worth the initial investment.


A large amount of laser copiers used in business today are also called digital copiers. Digital copiers include an internal scanner or fax, enabling you to scan, store or send documents using your copy machine. These machines have the advantage of performing the work of multiple devices saving businesses time and money. They can also be of great assistance in an office that want to transition to a paperless filing system. Digital filing systems are becoming more common because of environmental considerations and speedier, more efficient file retrieval. Items can be found with a simple keyword search and there are many different tools available to streamline the process.