questions to ask before signing a copier leaseHere are some questions to ask your copier company before signing a lease.

How are large prints calculated if I have a Cost per Copy (CPC) plan?

If you will be needing 11” x 17” prints or larger you may have to take into consideration different charges. In the imaging industry, most vendors use some sort of cost per copy calculation. For larger print output most charge 2 “clicks”, but some vendors only charge 1 “click.”

Am I responsible for copies or prints ran during service calls?

During service visits a technician will commonly run many prints and copies. Make sure to know whether or not you will incur the cost of these prints or copies.

Is there a charge for delivering supplies that are part of your CPC contract?

Supplies such as toner, drums or imaging unit shipping cost can add up and commonly leases last 3-5 years. Depending on your contract this could be an additional cost that needs to be factored in.

Is there any charge for making scans on the equipment?

Many multifunction devices are used for document archiving and emailing. Though it is not a common practice to pay for scans it’s still a good idea to check.

What happens at the end of the lease?

Some vendors require notification of the return of your machine at the end of your lease or else they can automatically renew your lease. Policy varies from company to company, some will move to a month to month basis or longer periods of time up to one year. In addition normally it is the customers responsibility to pay for crating, packaging and shipping fees. This could cost you anywhere from $500 up to $2000 depending on the machine and where it has to be shipped to.

How does insurance work on the equipment you lease?

The industry average per month is ¼% of the asset value. Some companies will require you to take the 3rd party leasing company’s insurance. However, if you have an existing insurance policy it could give you the coverage you need. Make sure to ask if you can use your own insurance and what kind of documentation they will need, otherwise it may end up being an extra charge you could have avoided.

Is property tax extra on a lease?

Ask your vendor about the local rates because this varies from state to state. If it’s not already included it could inflate your base monthly leasing price.

What is your guarantee if you are not satisfied after the sale?

Many companies will service your machine and perform repairs if it is not working as expected. However, if the machine just can not perform or is a “lemon” you’ll need assurance that the machine will be replace by the vendor.

Are there additional fees that have not been addressed yet?

Every vendor operates differently and there are a number of additional fees that may not be covered in your monthly payment. These could include lease administration fees, UCC filing fees, delivery and setup, network connectivity, fuel surcharges, color calibration and system overhauls. Make sure to go over these to make sure they are factored into the final cost and budgeted for.

What happens to my hard drive after lease termination?

The safety of your confidential information is important and needs to be addressed. You should know exactly what will happen to your machine’s hard drive if you return the equipment at the end of the lease. Also there could be additional cost associated with its removal or destruction.