Copier Staten Island New York Purchasing a copier for your business can be a tough decision. There are a lot of different options out there and lots of small details that come into consideration. It can be hard to determine exactly which one will be suited for your needs and how much money you should invest into one. Working within your budget can seem nearly impossible for small businesses. However, there are ways to keep the cost down. Here are a couple tips that can save you some money and help with choosing the best copier for your business.

• Instead of investing a lot of money into a brand new machine, consider purchasing a refurbished one. Refurbished machines can work just as well as brand new ones but are a lot more budget friendly. If you maintain it well and don’t push it beyond it’s capabilities it could last just as long too.

• Figure out how many copies you actually make in a month. You may be able to go for something thats not the fastest and most durable if you only need it for the occasional copies. However, if it will be getting lots of use investing a little more may save you maintenance or upgrade cost later if your machine can’t handle the workload.

• Look for something that has multiple uses. There are plenty of all-in-one machines that scan, print, and fax. Spending a little more on one of these can end up costing less than purchasing a separate machine for each.

•Don’t go for one with all the extra bells and whistles. If you just need something simple to make black and white copies on a regular basis then why get a machine that makes color copies, collates or is made for high quality printing. Focus on what you will use it for most and find a good printing company for the rare occasions you need something more.

Keeping these tips in mind, doing your research and knowing what you actually need can help make the process of purchasing a copier just a little less stressful. Hopefully, they will also help you stay within your budget.