Staten Island Copier RepairWhen it comes to copy machines the range of options can be so overwhelming it becomes easier to just get every add-on you can think of or to get the most basic machine possible. But this can lead you to either over spend for features you’ll never use or cut yourself short on features that could be well worth the investment. Here are a couple features that might you may want to look into or pass up if you’re looking for something a little more simple.

Should I buy a color or black and white copier?

Not everybody needs color copies. If you are only copying text based documents for internal business uses than you can go for a simple black and white copier. But for companies that create their own brochures, reports with graphs, or advertisements it is a nice feature to have. This could save money on outsourcing these to a printing company. If you are doing a lot of printing you will most likely want to go for a Laserjet copier; inkjets tend to be rack up more supply costs.

Do I need a collator and stapler on my copier?

If you are often copying multiple page documents a collating machine that sorts them into order for you is a good idea. Most machines will generally sort but do not have finishing features. For example some machines can staple sets, fold or three-hole punch copies. This can help when making copies of booklets and reports. Be sure to look at how much needs to be sorted and if it needs to be stapled. If it does not take a significant amount of your manpower or time you may want to pass.

What is a good copies per minute speed for a copier?

Depending on the machine copy speeds can range from 10 to 100 copies per minute (cpm). If you are only making a few copies at time you can save some money by going for a lower speed copier. However, If you are doing a high volume of copying it might be worth the investment for a higher speed copier. The shorter the waiting time for copies the faster and more productive the whole business can be. 

What is an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)?

The most simple copiers have a flatbed designed with a covered glass area where you place originals to be copied. This works fine if you are only copying single pages at a time. However, if you are copying multiple page documents an ADF is a good idea. With an ADF you don’t have to manually place each sheet, simply place the whole document in the feeder at once. Depending on the machine it could hold 50 to 100 sheets at once.

Recirculating Automatic Document Feeder (RADF), Do I need one?

If you want to make two sided copies you could manually reinsert completed copies or get a copier with an RADF. These copiers automatically flip paper over inside the copier so duplicates can be made on the front and back. If you often copy lengthy materials and want to save on the amount of paper you use this can be a great feature to have. They are more costly but could save you money on paper supplies.

What are the benefits of multiple paper trays on my copier?

If you are copying in high volume or on a variety of sizes and paper types, a copier with multiple trays might be worth taking a look into. Multiple tray machines usually hold more paper than single trays, while letting you keep a variety of paper available and the trays usually adjust for different sizes as well. Single tray machines can only accommodate one paper supply at a time. You’ll have to switch it out manually every time you need to change the size or type of paper.