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10 Tips for Reducing Printing Costs

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10 Tips for Reducing Printing Costs

1. Utilize duplex printing more often. You can quickly cut down on the amount of paper used by printing on both sides.
2. Use larger copy machines with a lower cost per page rate for high volume print jobs instead of desktop printers.
3. Send documents through email, online dropboxes, or internet fax services instead of printing and faxing. Print documents to a pdf to ensure readability and preserve formatting changes from variations in software.
4. Print presentations with multiple slides on one page. If possible, avoid printing altogether by emailing presentation attendees before or after meeting.
5. Reduce the amount of desktop printers used. You can more easily see your output volume and find wasted resources by using networked copy machines or multifunction machines.
6. Use draft or quick printing settings when printing documents for internal use or where the quality is of little importance to save toner and ink supplies.
7. Only print in color when absolutely necessary, for example brochures, reports with graphs and charts, and advertisements.
8. Outsource large or high quality print jobs to a printing company. In most cases the cost per page goes down the more copies per job.
9. Use an add-on that eliminates banners, pictures, or other unnecessary items from webpages for more optimized printing.
10. Consider using Managed Print Services to evaluate your output volume and identify more cost saving measures.

Assessing Your Needs When Buying a Copier

copier company nycPicking out the right copy machine can be a real headache. Understanding what you need can be a difficult process. Legend offers print assessments at no cost. We can audit your output needs in order to recommend the proper devices for your specific needs. This service can help to save money in the long run by uncovering waste and you’ll be recommended cost effective equipment to replace your current printing and copying devices. However there are a few ways for you to start the process yourself to determine if you need to upgrade your current machines or if its time to find a new provider for your printing needs.


To start with you need to determine your typical monthly volume. This is the total pages you print and copy over a month. Determining the volume of output is essential to securing a machine for your needs and assist with obtaining the best lease or service agreement. Usually your contract stipulates a monthly average output and if you go over you can be penalized. To determine your monthly volume go over bills for your current service agreement, print shop bills and your current copier’s meter. Some companies use network management utilities that can tell you all the prints, copies, faxes and/or scans sent from the network to your copier or printer. Dealers also use devices to audit your volume but they can sometimes miss devices like small printers.

Color or Monochrome.

Once you have a sense of your volume needs you should focus on how much of that is color or monochrome. Remember to include output from color printers, existing color copiers and outsourced jobs. If your color volume is low or it is difficult to control color output cost you may want to focus on monochrome devices to drive your costs as low as possible. However, there can be opportunities to save money by migrating all your color output to a large multi-functional copier from printers because the cost per impression is generally lower. You can also save on downtime of multiple machines that are not in constant use. It will also save time and space on supply ordering and stocking.

Multi-purpose Machines.

Most small businesses need a variety of machines for their output needs. However, there are many advantages to switching some or all of your output to a multi-purpose machine. Several computers can be networked to the same machine saving on individual printer costs and the cost per copy are usually lower. In addition it can simplify supply ordering and save on time and space by minimizing ink cartridges kept on hand. Most multi-purpose machines have scanning capabilities that could lead to easier storing and distribution of documents. Though multi-purpose machines have many advantages these can be lost if it is monopolized by one particular task. If a department or individual has a consistent output need you may want to invest in a smaller machine specifically for that task.

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