all in one printers new yorkThere are a number of extra features that come with Multi-Purpose Copy Machines. Determining which machine will be best suited for your needs can be a difficult process. There are a number of different factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Here are a couple questions you should ask your dealer to better understand what you need and if their recommendations will fit your needs.

How does the copy machine handle job management?

Higher end machines allow you to set up more than one job at or a time or even program them into memory. These are great features if your production volume is high or if you are commonly printing and copying the same documents. However, you need to know how easy it is to setup and program jobs. To help keep cost down and stay on a budget you should find out if the copier has accounting features for cost allocation and if it has energy and toner saving modes.

How much memory does the copier have?

The memory of the hard drive and the RAM available have a major effect on the advantages of the machine. The higher the memory of the hard drive the more documents can be stored directly into the machine. This really helps if you have particular documents that are printed and copied on a regular basis. The RAM will affect how it handles large jobs. If there is not enough the machine will pause throughout the job slowing down your production time.

How will the copier integrate into my current network?

You need to know how your machine will be connected to your existing computer network and how it will distribute documents that are being scanned. Usually machines are set up with an ethernet connection, but wireless connectivity is also an available option. Some machines will also include a USB connection for use with other storage devices. Scanning capabilities on multi-function machines give you number of options for transmitting and storing documents. Scanned files could be stored to the machine, placed on desktop computers, or sent to an email, fax, or a URL address. Faxing capabilities are included on some machines but it’s usually an optional feature. If you will be doing a lot of scanning and emailing, you’ll want LDAP support. This allows the machine to scan the company intranet for email addresses, otherwise they can be stored in the machine’s address book or manually entered.

What is the paper storage capacity?

Options for the paper supply your machine can handle depend on what your needs are. If you are commonly printing large jobs you should probably go for something that holds a large paper supply. There are machines available that can hold up to 1000 sheets in one tray. Machines that have a number of trays is recommended if you have varied paper needs. Adjustables trays should be considered if you commonly are printing and copying to different sizes. This could save on valuable time wasted restocking paper or changing for different jobs.

What type of finishing features does the copier have?

Standard finishing features usually include stapling, folding or stitching to create booklets. However, there are some other options that can be added on for ease and convenience or if you have more specialized needs. These could include features to insert cover sheets to booklets, mail-bins to sort different jobs, or a post process insertion unit to handle adding in other pre-printed materials or photographs.

How does the copier handle security issues?

Under the law it is the business owners responsibility to protect their data and their clients’ confidential information. Some machines include user authentication features so only authorized employees can use the machine. Other security capabilities that are worth looking into are hard disk encryption or overwriting capabilities, secure watermarking and network security features.