Think how much more productive your office will be with 2 Canon Copiers!

Get 2 Pre-Owned Canon Copiers for The Price of 1 New Printer*

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Why buy one new copier when you can get 2, pre-owned, like-new, used Canon copiers for the same price as a new one!

Better than new sounds unbelievable. Check out how we do it.

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Used Canon Copiers

Reinvent Productivity

Imagine how much more your employees could get done if they didn't have to constantly leave their desk to get their printouts. Pre-owned Canon copiers from Legend Business Group offer advanced printer functionality.

Unmatched Value

Advanced Canon Printer Capabilities

High-speed Performance and Reliability


$ 156

/ month

Canon ImageRunner Advance 4225

Canon Imagerunner Advance 4225

Users: 1-5

Print Speed: 25 pages/minute

Max. Paper Size: 11×17

Includes cassette feed unit, fax, additional memory, universal send, direct print and a D1 finisher.


$ 218

/ month

Canon ImageRunner Advance C5235

Users: Up to 50

Print Speed: 35 pages/minute

Max. Paper Size: 12×18

Includes cassette feed unit, fax, universal send, and a E1 finisher.

*Available on a first come first serve basis while supplies last. Subject to prior sale. Legend Business Group reserves the right to substitute for equipement of equal or greater value. Leases and rates are subject to 3rd party credit approval. Price does not include delivery or installation.


What People Say

"Buying a pre-owned copier saved my organization a ton money and allowed us to purchase a better model than we were planning, and afforded the ability to purchase additional features such as multiple paper trays, stands and sorters. Buying a pre-owned model outright eliminated the  number of copy restrictions of a lease and provided peace of mind of printing without worrying about copy runs. SICM has purchased several Legend, “pre-owned” copiers/printers over the years for our offices, and each has had low copy numbers, delivered and installed neatly and cleanly and came with a warranty."


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What People Say

"I was tired of the lease cycle – 60 months at $500 per month and at 36 month machine starts to constantly fail so the sales rep tells me I need to buy out I the existing lease and upgrade.  Now I’m paying $650 since had to roll in the remaining 24 months on the old lease. With Legend I only needed to get a 36-month lease. I’m only paying $170 per month and can upgrade in 36 months. Additionally, the last machine from Legend lasted 9 years and still works.  My previous provider couldn’t even get 3 years. You are crazy not to go with Legend, they are a game changer in the office equipment business."


PT Consultants Inc.


What People Say

"This is exactly what we are looking for. Our philosophy is recycle, reuse, reduce."


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