Save Big On Your Next Office Copier

Pre-owned, Off-lease, Canon Copiers More Than 60% Off Suggested Manufacturers Retail Price

All our properly refurbished, used copiers come with updated firmware installed, new drums that usually last for 200,000 prints, plus all service bulletins applied.

We put each model through full inspections, diagnostics checks, servicing, and full testing to make sure performance and output quality exceed requirements.

The copy machines in our New York/New Jersey Used Copiers Program are hand selected from thousands of high-quality, low meter office copiers.

Why Buy Used Canon Copiers?

The majority of our printer/scanner/copiers come from short-term rentals, off lease contracts, and bank repossessions (No demo machines). All our certified, pre-owned copiers are factory serviced and pass our 9-point preventive maintenance check during our refurbishment process.

We don’t believe that just because a lease is up, the life of a product is over. There's often many good years left in most office equipment and with our help, you can reap the rewards.

A brand new digital copy machine costs about 3 times the price of a refurbished office copier from Legend Business Group. Call us to learn how you can keep your budget costs low and your office productivity high while seamlessly printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. By the way, to further help the environment, we also manufacture toner for these devices.

All of our certified multifunction copiers come with a "same as new" 90 day parts and labor warranty. This warranty is onsite and is backed by our factory authorized field engineers. 

What About Hidden Costs?

If you're in the market for a worry-free, office workgroup printing solution, a question you may have is “should I get a monthly maintenance contract?”

Many businesses opt for maintenance contracts because they're afraid of downtime and expensive repairs. If you're a law firm, engineering or construction company, a real estate brokerage, an accountant or you're in some other line of business, you don’t want to waste your days trying to get the office copier to function, you just want it to work.

With Legend, we don't force you to enter into expensive monthly contracts. Our all-inclusive program takes care of that for you and can cover up to 3-years of use. We know you want to “get it and forget it.” You don’t have to send us meter reads, you can just use your copier.

Also, be careful when you look at super cheap offers from cut-throat "dealers."Do they include accessories like high-capacity paper trays and staple finishers (We do)? Are they trying to pawn off old technology as new instead of giving you the benefit of modern digital copiers (We don't)? 

How It Works

By getting a used copier from Legend Business Group with our all-inclusive Copier Repair Program guarantee you'll get the assurance that you won't get stuck with a lemon.

How? You are covered in the maintenance. You won’t be responsible for mounting service call costs. As long as you aren’t abusing the copier (dumping coffee, jabbing with a screwdriver, having major power surges in your building, you are protected.)

You'll have peace of mind knowing your office won't be plagued with constant malfunctions leading to lost productivity and a rising cost of ownership.

Purchasing or leasing a remanufactured copier from the Legend Business Group just might be one of the best business decision your firm will make this year. 

Why Trust Us?

Legend Business Group is authorized Canon dealer!

Guaranteed Reliability

We are committed to your total satisfaction and are happy to help you with a new or a used copier purchase. Over the last two decades we've helped hundreds of businesses in the New York/New Jersey area meet their office equipment needs. 

No Up Charges

Some dealers make their rates creep up over time. They add 5% per year. We don't. Where you start is where you stay. The more copies you make, the less you pay.

Friendly Reps

We work hard to be nice. We are able to make a living because companies in the Greater New York area trust us to help them with their office documents needs. Being nice to them is important to us. 


Since 1993 we've provided 1,000's of businesses with the latest office technology products. 

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