Outdoor Furniture Covers

Outdoor Furniture Covers

As you search for the best materials for making outdoor furniture covers, consider checking out our selection of canvas materials and fabrics for heavy duty outdoor projects at Canvas Etc. We have the fabrics you need at some of the best prices anywhere on the Web. By making your own furniture set covers, you’ll be able to select from materials that offer water and mildew resistance, so your covers will last longer and look great all year long. For a professional fabric recommendation, contact Canvas Etc by calling 404-514-7166.

5 Popular Materials We Carry For Outdoor Projects

1. Sunforger Canvas is an Army Duck material that’s ideal for making outdoor furniture covers for coaches, rattan furnishings, bicycles, and motorcycles, and proves to be popular for projects such as rugged clothing, bags, bedrooms, and more. This cotton-based fabric is easy to wash and keep clean and mildew-free.

2. Making waterproof patio furniture covers is easy and affordable with our Waxed Canvas Shelter Tent Duck material, priced at just $23.38 per linear yard x 60” wide. This strong and durable cotton based fabric is treated with wax to ensure it’s perfect for adventure gear & apparel, covers for outdoor furniture & furnishings, rainwear, wilderness packs, and more. What makes this an exceptional choice for waterproof outdoor furniture covers is its ability to remain flexible in cold temperatures.

3. Are you making your own cushions for iron or metal furniture? Save money on 10 oz. Cotton Duck Fabric for outdoor bean bags, cushions, horse blankets, and outdoor furniture covers. Our popular medium-weight canvas fabric has many applications and remains one of the most versatile materials on the market.

4. Acrylic Coated Awning Fabric from Canvas Etc is available in 3 colors, with volume discounts available, The acrylic topcoat finish provides UV, water, mildew, and flame resistance. Use for making awnings and designing and crafting patio furniture covers and tents.

5. Our Military Spec Army Duck Canvas is always a great choice when you need to cover up and protect items left outside year round, such as motorcycles, bicycles, vehicles, boats, furniture, and other such items you want to safeguard from the elements. Provides fire, water, weather, and mildew resistance at an affordable cost. Mil Spec material is terrific for making tents, as well.

Best Selection of Canvas Fabrics Online

For all of your indoor and outdoor projects, shop online at Canvas Etc to find low prices on high-quality materials, with volume discounts available without the need to create a wholesale account. Text us about your current or upcoming project and we’ll direct you to the right fabrics to ensure exceptional results.

If you have questions or need assistance with your order, call Canvas Etc at 404-514-7166 or shop now to find what you need to create durable, long-lasting outdoor furniture covers, tarps, tents, Yurts, Teepees, bags, clothing, and much, much more. Take advantage of free information and resources found in our blog and read about custom fabric printing services we offer, as well.

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Outdoor Furniture Covers