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Digital Trade Show Display

Digital Trade Show Display

When you are setting up a trade show booth, you want to make sure that you are able to truly stand out. While multimedia may not instantly come to mind, you need to know that a digital trade show display is a perfect opportunity to put your signage on display in a manner that is truly going to draw in and impress trade show attendees. After all, the key to the success of a good trade show booth is bringing in people so they visit the space to learn more about you.

Believe it or not, video happens to be one of the more popular mediums available today for communication at trade shows and beyond. It is actually rare to find a display at a trade show that does not have some sort of video aspect. However, you need to also know how to fully optimize your presentation so that it brings you results. These are some good tips that you can keep in mind that will help you to create an incredible display at the next trade show: 

Do Not Make Sound The Main Event 

This is actually a beginner’s mistake, but something that is done quite often. You may be tempted to bring in a promotional video that is heavy on interviews, narration, and other auditory elements, but you need to steer clear of too manner words. Nobody is going to stand there and watch it all when there is a ton of dialogue. Instead, you can use a visually-strong video that puts out information with the help of graphics. You can also go with something like video wallpaper that shows pictures of your products with less messaging. There is also the option of private showing rooms for those who want a more in-depth look without distraction. 

Branding Is Crucial 

When putting together a digital trade show display of any sort, your brand should always be at both the top and the bottom of your video in addition to the middle. This is called brand positioning by way of "bookending" and it is very important when you want to catch someone’s eye.

Never Use A Small Screen

At any trade show, you want to cover as much ground as possible, so never have a small screen for people to try to huddle around – because they will not. A bigger screen will offer you a wider scope for people to view your signage whether they are stopping or simply walking by. While it may seem like a much bigger investment to go big or go home with your screen display, it will always pay off in the end.

Are you interested in learning more about magnifying your next digital trade show display? At Giant iTab, we have what you need to make sure that your product and signage are seen in full color at the next trade show. This is branding on a giant scale and we are ready to show you how you can make a lasting impression on countless attendees with a few tweaks of your trade show booth.

Digital Trade Show Display
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Digital Trade Show Display