Copy Machine Staten Island

Copy Machine Staten Island

A copy machine in Staten Island is not a bank-breaking proposition. At Legends Business Group, Inc., our experts know how to get you the equipment you need at a price you can afford. Our up-front, no-hassle contracts make copying simple.

What should I know about copy machines?

Your copy machine is made of over 10000 parts. These parts wear over time. Your copier requires maintenance.

Quality in these intricate machines is a matter of pixels per inch. The more pixels per inch, the better quality you obtain. With advances in technology, the machine you need is often the machine that fits your budget. Marketing firms and advertising agencies require more powerful machines than law firms and libraries and are likely to spend more as well.

Canon copiers

Canon is a leader in the copier space. The same technology in your high-resolution digital camera is available in their copy machines.

Easy to use operating systems control multi-function devices with ease. The ImageRUNNER series offers up to 1200 DPI imaging at hundreds of pages per minute. The price tag of $19000 to $29000 is well deserved for a brand that defines quality, control, and flexibility.

What is the cost of copier maintenance?

Your copier will break. Whether you lease or own your machine, you will need to pay for repairs. Repairs are always passed to the client.

Many companies charge $150 just for a service visit. Parts and service cost extra. Less reputable firms upcharge for everything, including parts. Legends Business Group, Inc. charges a simple fee with an accurate estimate and no upcharge on parts.

Avoid scaling leases

For many, the cost to rent a machine increases every year. To cover the risk of wear and tear many companies add five to seven percent to the rental price.

We do not increase the base cost of a lease. Our no-hassle maintenance contracts are included directly in every lease. Know your costs and retain power over your cash flow.

Should I lease or buy?

The decision to lease or buy is a matter of expectation. If you plan to regularly use a copier with normal wear and tear for the entire life of a machine, ownership will outweigh leasing. A five year, $600 per month lease, costs more than simply purchasing a high-end copier.

Still, it is possible to initially control costs through leases. A new machine costs as much as a one-year, entry-level salary. New companies may have no option but to lease office equipment. Our up-front costs make your cost to rent clear.

Own or lease a copy machine in Staten Island

Copiers are expensive. They do not need to create an enormous burden on your business. While many companies have hidden repair fees, increase costs to rent, and upcharge for parts, Legends Business Group, Inc. does not.

We offer simple and understandable contracts from an established company built on customer service. We work with our clients instead of against them.

Get in touch with our experts today or browse our catalog online.

Copy Machine Staten Island
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Copy Machine Staten Island
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Copy Machine Staten Island