Copy Machine lease NYC

Copy Machine lease NYC

A copy machine lease in NYC may be your entry point to cost-effective printing. Legends Business Group, Inc. helps you meet your needs at a price you can afford. Our up-front and no-hassle leases avoid the headaches of ownership.

Should I lease office equipment?

Leasing copy machines is effective for companies requiring short-term and intense use. Printing hundreds of pages per minute is a necessity for some law firms. Even needing equipment for short periods of time is common.

Renting office equipment avoids the cost of purchasing a new machine. A $200 to $600 per month rental fee is much lower than a $19000 to $29000 price tag.

When is it better to buy a copier?

Purchasing copy machines makes sense when you plan on regular usage for an extended length of time. Machines are built to last between five and seven years.

High-quality Canon copiers cost $29000 and rent for $600 per month. If you leased a machine for five years, the total cost would be $36000. Even with regular maintenance, the cost to own is lower.

Are there quality copy machines available for lease?

Canon products are among the best in the business. The manufacturer produces some of the highest quality digital cameras, copy equipment, scanners, and printers in the world. Pixels per inch on Canon copiers reaches over 1200 DPI.

Legends Business Group, Inc. offers a range of Canon products for rent. Our catalog includes the ImageRUNNER 1435I plus and ImageRUNNER ADVANCE C256iF II. These high-quality, multi-function copiers are perfect for printing large numbers of documents at high resolution.

We also offer less expensive machines. As an authorized Canon reseller, the entire current product line is available.

Copier maintenance contracts

Once you decide on a machine that fits your needs, you need to consider a maintenance contract. Reputable companies include these contracts in the lease while others require you to foot the bill. Understanding the entire cost of renting will help you control your cash flow.

We help customers avoid hidden fees and costs with no-hassle and up-front contracts. Where the average cost of maintenance starts at $150, our presence is included. We never upcharge customers for parts.

Our experts ensure that your copier and ours continues to run. Even after your lease completes, we want to have a machine that works. As an authorized reseller, we allow you to rent to own but only if your copier continues to function.

Copy Machine lease in NYC

Leasing a copy machine is a cheap and effective way to obtain the documents you need. Pay per use plans are as expensive as ownership. We help you find a copier that fits your needs and offer up-front maintenance contracts to keep you in control of your revenue.

Legends Business Group, Inc. built a reputation on customer service. While it may seem old-fashioned, we want our customers to stay up and running without breaking the bank.

If you are looking for a copier in New York City, get in touch with us or visit our website today.

Copy Machine lease NYC
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Copy Machine lease NYC
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Copy Machine lease NYC