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Copy machine lease

Copy machine lease

In terms of office printer and copier lease, we are definitely at the top alternative. Our leasing service at STAT is a one-stop destination for your entire primary office device lease requirement. With the selection of machines from industry-leading brand such as Kyocera, Ricoh, and Copystar, you can select a machine that suits your taste. We offer a variety of printer and copy machine leasing options for both black and white and coloured, and even a vast range of all-in-one device that can handle all office documentation requirements with ease. Contact any of our customer reps today for a quote any machine of your choice and further enquiries.

What is the Average Cost to Lease a Copier?

In recent times, copier leasing has been advantageous to businesses, especially small businesses. But the challenge with which most persons or enterprises are faced with when seeking copiers for lease is this question “How much does it cost to lease a copy machine?” The average cost to lease a copier should be firstly considered when planning to hire a copier, the first-timers especially.

The average cost of leasing a copier for businesses keeps changing over the year due to some certain factors of the machine which includes print speed, wireless connectivity, network printing, functionality, automatic document feeder, black and white vs coloured printing, and duplex printing. All of these greatly influence the average cost of leasing a copier. But then, let’s run through some verified prices below; 

  • Printing under 5,000 Pages a month – $154 – $347 per month
  • Printing 5,000 to 15,000 Pages a month – $347 – $859 per month
  • Printing 15,000 to 25,000 Pages a month – $859 – $1,368 per month

At STAT, we lease copiers at the most affordable rates. Don’t hesitate to contact us for copiers.

Leasing a Copier or Purchase?

This question remains a difficult one, and even most experienced business owners don’t have a precise answer to this question. Is it better to lease or buy a copier?

Well, both are advantageous in their ways. Purchasing a copier makes you an outright owner of the machine with complete control over its use and maintenance. While leasing involves a company loaning you a copier of your choice, with payment across a period, allowing you to apply for equipment upgrade if you wish. However, the decision should depend on the business’ significant needs, goals, and preferences. If you’re not so much interested in staying up-to-date with the latest technology but interested in saving cash, purchasing a copier would be a better option then. But if staying in line with the newest technology is your preference, it’s better to go the leasing way.

What is the Best Copy Machine for Small Business?

Running a small business is never an easy task. Whether you’re just grooming your business or in the industry for years, you have to be mindful of every amount spent. Budget is crucial in all areas of business, but one area that can consume a lot of your money if not careful is office equipment. It would be best to have a copy machine you can count on, but it could be sometimes difficult to select a device best for your company’s needs.

Importantly, there are some key factors to consider when choosing copiers to lease for small businesses; they are printing speed, networking ability, compatibility, ease of operation and price. We all need help at some points in our lives, and that’s why we’re making this compilation of the best office copiers to lease for small businesses, to help eliminate the guesswork and make the right selection.

  • Kyocera / Copystar CS 3553ci
  • Kyocera / Copystar CS 6053ci
  • Kyocera / Copystar CS 8052ci
  • Kyocera ECOSYS M6635cidn

These copier machines are all colour multifunctional – print, scan, copy, optional fax. They possess features that can ensure the smooth running of small businesses.

STAT specializes in helping businesses and individual make the appropriate decisions for their document environment and business needs. Also, our specialist can help you decide whether you should buy or lease, and also other means to optimize and secure your document environment.

Copy machine lease

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Copy machine lease