copier Rental nj

copier Rental nj

Office equipment should make you more profitable. Copier rental in NJ is cost-effective and capable. Legend Business Group, Inc. offers affordable leases for office printers.

Why lease a copier?

Your cash flow is precious. Your business works hard to earn every penny. Leasing office copiers limits the overall burden of auxiliary equipment on your cash flow.

Revenue is important for every business. Whether you are a law firm, real estate company, accountant, fashion house or a non-profit, saving money creates opportunity. Another employee, even part-time, might increase revenue by thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Avoid costly repairs

Leasing equipment may allow you to avoid repair costs. Depending on the terms of your lease, the equipment can be replaced at almost no cost to you. We offer maintenance plans directly in our contracts to keep your firm up and running at a competitive price.

A beneficial lease allows you to avoid constant repairs. Larger multi-function printers have more than 10,000 parts. Standard service costs between $1,000 and $15,000 with a typical $150 just to be present. This can be a significant percentage of your machines. If your office prints tens of thousands of pages, maintenance is directly around the corner.

Short term and high use

Intense usage wears parts faster. Law firms, businesses doing large volumes of work, and others might have short periods of need.

The cost of renting a copier at $40 to several hundred dollars per month will always be lower than ownership. Since machines are designed to last only five to 10 years, your company may benefit from a short-term lease.

When should I lease equipment instead of buying?

If you plan on using equipment sparingly over a long period of time, leasing is less effective than purchasing. A $14,000 copier you expect to use for five to seven years that leases for $250 per month will always be cheaper.

Many companies do not expect equipment to last as long. Law firms consistently print large volumes of briefs and discovery documents. Other companies print 100-page reports periodically. Some contracts and documents must be printed. We work with companies to find the right document management solution that works for them.

Where can I find fixed-rate leases for office equipment?

Some companies offer cheap up-front costs but increase their prices year-over-year. A five or seven percent increase is not unheard of. Breaking a contract is difficult and typically costly.

Legend Business Group keeps your rate the same for the length of the contract. We give you a no-hassle and no fuss guarantee.

Copier rentals in New Jersey

Legend Business Group offers fixed contracts on copiers with maintenance built-in. Avoiding the headache of having IT staff is easy with us.

We have no up-front charges and no hidden fees. Companies large and small trust us with their printer and copier needs. Whether you're a law firm, investment house, or real estate company we can help you keep more of your cash flow investing in vital employees or services.

Get in touch with our staff today to find out how we can help your business or visit our website to find out more.

copier Rental nj
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copier Rental nj
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copier Rental nj