copier leasing companies NYC

copier leasing companies NYC

Approximately 94 percent of all small businesses that lease an office space will also hire or rent a copier machine. The companies aim to make monthly payments and commitments that fit with the model of the business. Leasing is an excellent way of taking advantage of technology without incurring exorbitant costs.

The downside of a lease happens when you do not understand all the contributive factors and conditions. A simple business transaction could quickly turn into a nightmare with hidden fees, trapped contracts, and poor customer care service. Legend Business Group has flexible business terms that have a bias towards the lessee.

How to avoid falling into pitfalls of copier leasing companies in NYC

Read the contract

Contracts have a complicated business language that could overturn your hops into utter despair when you miss one single terminology. Every deal is different. The reason is that each individual will have a different model and contractual term. Ask our office for clarifications before signing.

Study the renewal cycle

The best leasing agreement will have a monthly renewal basis. Others will require a letter of intent to interrupt a lease period that would otherwise run for 12 months in a row.

The end of a contract will have return instructions to determine how the equipment is shipped back. Studying these terms will save you from penalties of breaking the lease agreement.

Early returns

Some companies will not allow you to buy out the equipment. The agreement states that you have to complete the leasing duration before acquiring ownership.

Specify the return location

Sending over equipment across state boundaries is expensive while sending them to another city is hectic when the dealer does not provide a shipment service. Find the areas where you will drop the machine for replacement or repair.

Ignoring this important factor will save you the extra charges that ascend from lateness. The leasing company will have a customized fee quote for the return of each particular machine.

Do not overbuy

It is easy to get blown off by all the features of a copier machine. Do not lease a machine because you feel that will offer better services. Our analysis process will give you options on which devices will suit both your pocket and office setup.

It is a better option to upgrade than downgrade the copier because the lease has proven to be too expensive. Other times, the bigger quote will only suit your business when you expand into another office or set up an influx of demands such as from a special event.

Consider the document preparation fee

The first invoice will include the document fee, following each of the particulars of the copier leasing companies in NYC. The price is usually administrative and easily negotiable when you talk with the company’s representative.

Ask about the insurance process

The existing firm will provide adequate coverage for the duration of the lease. Call the insurance company or talk to the representative office to ask about limitations. Additionally, accompanying documentation of the coverage will explain the additional charges in each month’s pay.


copier leasing companies NYC
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copier leasing companies NYC
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copier leasing companies NYC