Auto Franchise

Auto Franchise

Starting a business from scratch in the automotive market takes time and money. Even after you have developed your business model, it can take years of fine-tuning before it becomes profitable.

Among investment projects, an automotive dealerships for sale can be a smart decision because a sustainable business model already exists.

If you are thinking of buying such a business, consider a franchise a car dealership from Fleet Services International. You will be able to work directly with a recognized brand that has a reputation and a loyal customer base.

What are the automotive and car franchise opportunities?

There are many advantages to being part of a franchise: an established distribution route or payroll management, but there is more, and that is what Fleet Services International offers.

Proven business formula

When you purchase one of our franchises, you will have access to their proven business formula and operating system. For this reason, acquiring a franchise is less risky than starting your own business and requires less work to get it up and running.

Ongoing support and training

Part of our business model is to provide ongoing support and training in all facets of the business, including operations, sales, customer service, marketing, purchasing, and software and technology.

Some franchisors offer comprehensive training programs to their staff. Fleet Services International's franchisee training program includes a one-week course at your corporate headquarters, 9 to 18 months of training in our maintenance workshops that contains within its program: seminars, conferences and ongoing individual training sessions.

Geographic expansion

Franchisees can spread their business throughout the country. Our interest is that our company can reach every corner of the United States and become the leading company in the automotive maintenance market. Would you like to be part of it? Of course you can.

Brand recognition

By purchasing a Fleet Services International franchise, you will reap the benefits of our company's reputation, which can help you attract more customers in a shorter period of time.

Branding, logos and marketing plans

Another advantage within being part of our automotive franchises for sale is that you will have a consistent brand identity for your company, so you will have trademarks and logos for your use, and proven marketing plans already in place for you to follow.

You won't have to deal with the whole procedure of hiring designers or an advertising agency. In our business model we have a marketing department that will help you with that.

Lower inventory prices

Franchisors often buy inventory and equipment for their franchisees in bulk, which gives you the benefit of lower pricing. Small start-ups often can't get discounts on inventory and equipment, and therefore have trouble competing on price.

Contact us

Fleet Services International is a nationwide network of professional fleet maintenance dealers across the country. Since 2001 we have helped over 200 entrepreneurs realize the American dream of becoming successful business owners.

Join us and get one of the best automotive franchise opportunities in the area of vehicle maintenance.

You can contact us for a free demo or to get answers to your questions about our industry-leading software by logging on to our web portal.

Auto Franchise
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Auto Franchise
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Auto Franchise